Tecniplast Events Location
IAT Midlands Branch Meeting
June 2023 Birmingham
IAT North East Branch Educational Event
June 2023 Durham
IAT Graduation Ceremony
July 2023 Oxfordshire
12th European Zebrafish Meeting
July 2023 Krakow, Poland
July 2023 Oxfordshire
Glasgow Culture of Care Day
August 2023 Glasgow
Trainers Day
September 2023 Manchester
AgendaFest 3.0
September 2023 Kent
LAVA Conference
September 2023 Edinburgh
Newcastle University 3Rs Day
October 2023 Newcastle
10th Annual International Zebrafish Husbandry Course
October 2023 Italy
AALAS National Meeting
October 2023 Salt Lake City, Utah
University of Southampton 3Rs Day
October 2023 Southampton
UK Clock Club
October 2023 Cambridge
LASA Care and Welfare Section Meeting
October 2023 Manchester
Babraham Institute Animal Technician Conference
November 2023 Cambridge
LASA 2023
November 2023 Cambridge
3Rs Day
December 2023 Glasgow
IAT Congress 2024
March 2024 United Kingdom