Tecniplast Events Location
RSF Experience Day
13th March, 2019 England, UK
Tecniplast IVC Knowledge and Skills Refresher Course
20th March, 2019 England, UK
AWERB Symposium
26th March, 2019 England, UK
IAT Congress
9th - 12th April, 2019 England, UK
Washing, Care & Maintenance of Tecniplast IVCs for Hygiene & Logistics Technicians
24th April, 2019 England, UK
The Foundation Course in Tecniplast IVCs
1st May, 2019 England, UK
Steve Moore Memorial Poster Comp & Trade Day
8th May, 2019 England, UK
IAT Ireland Symposium
22nd May, 2019 Ireland
10th - 13th June, 2019 Czech Republic
Scientific Symposium
3rd - 6th July, 2019 Italy
Technician Symposium
11th - 13th September, 2019 Italy
Train the Trainer in Tecniplast IVCs Course
Autumn 2019 England, UK