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The Tecniplast Emerald Line is the latest in rodent housing. This housing system offers Technicians a range of benefits including: a clear view into the cage, making daily checks quicker and easier.

In-richment which is already built into the cage and the new SmarTop makes accessing animals safer and more ergonomic.


The University of Sheffield’s Biological Services Unit has been using the NEW Emerald Line IVCs in their facility and have kindly agreed to share their experiences with you.

Jane, Site / Transgenic Supervisor, at the University of Sheffield discusses the Emerald Line IVCs below:

Tell us a little about your facility?

We have two sites, with 10 technicians & 2 ancillary, we are predominately rodents but do have occasional large animals. The rodents are mainly housed in M3 cages & IVC’s. Research undertaken here at the University cover’s Cardiovascular, Infection & Immunity, Oncology & Metabolism, Neuroscience and Hearing loss.

You purchased the NEW Emerald Line IVC, can you please tell us how the need for this housing was identified?

We had been asked by a large and important user to move their breeding colony’s out of our facility level barrier and move to a cage level barrier hence the need for IVC’s was identified.

What are the main factors that made you decide to purchase the Emerald Line IVC?

We loved the new design and the SmarTop was a clincher (the lids can be placed vertically on the boxes whilst cleaning & checks are being carried out).

Was the increased density option a factor in you deciding to purchase the Emerald Line Cage? If so, how has this impacted on your facility??

We did not purchase the high-density platform space saving IVC boxes, just the smart lids (SmarTop). When discussing this option, the Technicians felt a smaller viewing window might reduce visibility during daily checks.

How does this new housing compare with your old Blue Line caging?

We have found it easier to clean out and move animals with the SmarTop, also it reduces the chance of contamination of the lid & hopper due to the lack of contact with the safety change station. With the Blue Line we would often end up with missing clip/fasteners so the cages are not as secure, with the Emerald line this will never be a problem.

Now it is installed: what are the pros and cons of the Emerald Line housing? What benefits have been identified?

The system itself is quieter and less complicated to set up with easy read out. The boxes are lighter and therefore easier to process for technicians and ancillary. Our Technicians have commented on the food hopper being at the back of the cage (which is different from our previous cages) which impacts food level checks when not removing the boxes from the rack.

How have your Technicians found using the Emerald Line? What do they say?

They prefer to use the Emerald line compared to Blue Line caging systems mainly due to the SmarTop. This has made everyday cage change a lot easier and quicker.

What specific features do you and your staff like about the Emerald Line and why?

SmarTop lid, easier to set up and process and lighter in general compared to other IVC boxes.

Was the purchasing process straight forward? Can you describe this? Are you happy with the outcome?

Yes, we were able to go through the single source route within the University due to the fact Tecniplast are the only company with the SmarTop lids. We had a visit from our Account Manager, Ian Fielding, and we went through our requirements, once we had a quote it was really straight forward to order the IVC’s. Ian was really helpful throughout this process.

Was the installation of Emerald Line Caging straight forward? How did you find the Tecniplast staff involved?

The delivery was fine, but it did take a longer time to decant off the lorry than anticipated. Ian came back a week later to support the installation.

What advice would you give to others looking to purchase new rodent housing?

I would advise them to visit a unit which has the Emerald line in already to be able to see it in use.

We would like to thank The University of Sheffield for taking the time to feedback to us and we look forward to working with her on future projects.

If you would like to find more about the Emerald Line then call your Tecniplast Local representative.