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Panorama gets the first feedback of Marcelo Raspa, First Technologist of CNR International Phenogenomic Resource Centre, Monterotondo Campus, Rome, about MultiFlow, the new Tecniplast Air Handling Unit.


Marcello, you have selected the TP Building Integrated Airflow Solution for your new facility. This is a really innovative choice. What are the most important drivers that helped you with this decision?

Dear Giovanni, first of all, let me thank the valuable staff which have supported the excellent system delivery and installation - I am very grateful to be an early adopter of the solution and implement in to the CNR International Phenogenomic Resource Center, Monterotondo Campus, Rome. This integrated system will be essential to the ergonomics of the facility, make it more flexible and innovative avoiding the collateral effects of traditional IVC. I hope this will drive other users to further and better results by adopting similar solutions.

The new Air Handling Unit ductable for IVC’s integration system, has been specifically designed for reliability, high performance and energy efficiency. What are your expectations in terms of performance, reliability, and energy efficiency?

The infrastructure, recently designed and equipped has already showcased modern and innovative systems of eco-sustainability and ergonomics nevertheless expectations for the new IVC’s integration system are to implement efficiency, results and robustness of scientific findings in a precise controlled environment with less issues for operators and scientists.

This system seems to be a great solution for saving money and energy, reducing equipment and maintenance tasks in the rooms. Why do you think is still an uncommon option?

Recently, I had the chance to explain advantages of the new technology to potential users and scientists who showed a real interest in it. I believe it is only a matter of time that end users will see and understand the advantages of implementing this technology.

Can you tell our readers the position of Tecniplast and their advantages to have suppliers with a complete Risk Management System?

Our Risk Management Framework fully adheres to the above: we see Risk Management as a key issue in our way of doing business and exhibiting the utmost attention to our Customers, Workers, as well as Suppliers. Regarding the advantages, they are self-evident. As a matter of fact, we live in a worldwide interconnected Supply Chain: securing risk along this network is the best form of insurance for every Organization. It is true for us as Customers of our upstream Supply Chain. It is true for our Downstream Supply Chain as well.

It seems that one of the most complex steps is the design of the integration and the maximization of the layout. Do you think that the dedicated and skilled TP project managers gave you the correct support? Can you tell us more about this step and where and when you perceived it as a real TP competitive advantage?

Honestly, I haven't had any difficulty in getting the right decision, convince CNR Institute direction and staff, and establish a plan for adopting this new technology - support and technical expertise for Tecniplast has been absolutely great and up-to-date, additionally they gave all relevant help in order to solve emergencies and problems encountered with the installation of the system.

Is the MultiFLow maintaining the best standards and meeting if not exceeding the current regulations?

I believe so - For example I made some experimental trials in the past and found relevant differences on keeping the right experimental parameters with regard to traditional systems, especially due to vibration and noise.

Would you suggest to your colleagues the centralization solution? Can you explain to them about the 3 most important benefits and the most difficult steps they face for correct installation?

I strongly recommend this innovative choice. Major advantages are:

  • Reduced costs and maintenance.
  • No/very limited traditional IVC side effects (vibration, noise, improper occupation of room space, etc.).
  • Ergonomics and better scientific findings. Difficult steps, in principle, are to convince colleagues and scientists about this technology as the science community is often conservative and also they need to adapt the facility technical floor to install the main CDZ unit.

Finally, how easy is it to set the working parameters?

Very easy, one of the main advantages of the system is that can be regulated for RH and temperature, where the pipeline is equipped with pre and post-heating/refrigerating dedicated units.