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Dear Massimo, again TUSA is the leader in digital communication: can you briefly explain this new idea to our readers?

A critical mission for a company is to stay up-to-date and on top of emerging technologies. This is true not only in terms of product development, but also in the way we communicate to our clients. QR code technology is surely not super new, but during the global pandemic, scanning QR codes has been widely adopted. 

This is the backbone of our idea; Why don’t we leverage on the familiarity with QR codes to provide our clients (present and future) with a broader perspective of what Tecniplast offers?

Starting from April 2022, at the end of each quote, there will be a related product feature which will include one or more QR codes, that when scanned will re-direct the user to dedicated flyers presenting products people may be interested in.

Can you summarize the added value for our customers in this more complete value proposition?

The immediate value for the customers is the quick accessibility to more information about products that may complement what is included in the quotation. Over the years, Tecniplast has expanded its portfolio quite broadly, and we understand it is not always easy to remember all that we have to offer. These flyers, which are linked to the QR codes, could be a quick reference point to generate new ideas, but most importantly show how small accessories and additional options to the main system could help optimize the functionality and the performance of the Tecniplast system. All of this can be done anywhere at any time.

How do you see the integration of this new option in TUSA digital marketing?

The beauty of digital marketing is the direct exposure to metrics and thus a better indication to what truly interests the community. The lack of direct feedback has always been a limiting factor for traditional marketing activities, but now we will be able to see what clients prefer and what they don’t like. At TUSA, we are really convinced that having direct discussions with our clients is the best way to serve the industry and to constantly evolve our offerings.

Where do you see the Digitalization of marketing activities in 5 years from now?

I’d like to see digital technology applied to marketing and being able to provide the exact information our clients need at the right time, in the format and shape that works best for them. I truly believe digital technology can lead us to personalized marketing... Digital technology will help everyone’s individual exposure to information in the way they like to receive it.

We are committed to broadening our communication channels to make sure we are present in the format that our customers prefer.

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