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Roberto Crippa, Corporate Supply Chain Director in Tecniplast and IWT, tells us about the recent situation of war, reassuring our customers

As a Company at the service of Life Science industry, Tecniplast’s ultimate mission has always been that of improving the quality of life; at the same time, we are staunch advocates of peace, and we are therefore hoping to see a peaceful resolution to the present crisis in Ukraine.

Businesswise, we can state that our capability to provide equipment and services to customers remains unchanged, as the current situation in Ukraine is not affecting either the Tecniplast Group activities or our Supply Chain, since we have no operational footprint in Russia and minimal trading exposure.

In addition to the above, can you summarize our supply chain situation?

None of our suppliers and/or Subcontractors are based in Russia and/or in Ukraine.

The present situation of war in these 2 countries does not create any direct problem to our supply chain, because we do not have incoming material flows from these countries.

Of course, the ongoing war adds additional issues to the global business eco-system, but we already took risk mitigations actions while countering the worldwide materials shortage. Ongoing actions can cover indirect issues coming from the Russo-Ukrainian war as well.

Can you tell us more about the Energy situation?

If significant interruptions in the European Energy Market (natural gas and oil) occur this will have only a moderate impact on us, because we do not use natural gas as an input for our manufacturing processes and our supply chain is not energy dependent in a remarkable way.

We could experience some backfire on power supply costs, as its prices are linked to gas quotations.

How would you define Tecniplast Group situation?

So, as an overall picture, we believe the current situation will have only a limited impact on productivity and delivery continuity.

What do you think has been the added value in terms of management decisions to reach this situation?

I would underline that for several years now, Tecniplast has put in place a strong and holistic Enterprise Risk Management approach aiming at thoroughly and systematically reviewing business disruptions/continuity risks.

Multiple sourcing, strategic materials hedging, Sales & Operations Planning as a risk management tool are just few examples of a way of acting that allowed the company not to suffer production stoppage/slow down during the SARS-COV2 Pandemics, or in the still ongoing global materials shortage of raw materials and components.

Thank you, Roberto, in this situation of war it is important to reassure our customers about our management decisions and supply chain situation, considering that the human impact of this conflict is already devastating.