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TECH60D - Dual Configuration MSC

Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet and Changing Station specifically designed for large footprint and Double Decker cages


  • Automated slanted sash window adjustable at two different heights (250mm in Biohazard configuration; 330 mm in Cage Changing procedure). The window can be opened simply by pressing the dedicated icon on the touch screen or by a foot switch
  • Electric auto lift system (optional) for ergonomic height positioning and easy transport
  • 4.3” Touch screen panel
  • Led light bars with dimmer (particularly beneficial for procedures with light-sensitive mice) and red led lights to work at night (in CS mode)


  • Guaranteed protection for your staff and animals: certified by TÜV NORD, meets the requirements of EN 12469:2000 regulation and is compliant with NSF49 - class II type A2
  • Lower energy costs, longer filter life, reduced noise, vibration and heat emissions thanks to the EC motor
  • ISO CLASS 4 air quality according to ISO 14644-1
  • Automatic regulation system to keep the airflow speed in the work chamber and the recycling/extracted air ratio constant. The equipment can auto-set to the ideal flowrate on the basis of filters progressive clogging and window opening height


  • Energy efficient: led light bars with dimmer and EC motor blower
  • Easy to clean: the AISI 304 (biohazard configuration) and the trespa (Cage Changing configuration) working surfaces are easily removable to perform routine cleaning and/or autoclaving sterilization procedures
  • Lower maintenance costs: G4 pre-filters located in the rear of the panel preserve the lifespan of the hepa filters; led system and EC motor for extended life cycle.


OVERALL DIMENSIONS (WxDxH) - Mobile base included

1704 x 850 x 1998.5 - 2323.5 mm

67”1/8 x 33”4/8 x 78”5/8 - 91”4/8


1495 x 540 x avg 612 (flat mode) - 692 (recessed mode) mm

58”7/8 x 21”2/8 x avg 24”1/8 (flat mode) - 27”2/8 (recessed mode)


Stefano BERRILLI – Laminar Flow Product Manager