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There is a great value in charitable actions: the gratitude of those in need. Efisio Spanu, “Tecniplast’s Santa Claus”, tells us about the good soul of Tecniplast.

Efisio, you are the valued and estimated Service Corporate Director at Tecniplast/IWT. However, we saw you in an atypical custom at Christmas!

Try to visualize Tecniplast as an active giant with a good soul: the day-to-day activities keep us busy and motivated, but this does not prevent us from realizing how lucky we are in our comfortable context and investing efforts, energies and time to provide tangible help to those who are in desperate need of essential things in life.

We focus our attentions on less fortunate families with children, and to reach them directly we network with local schools, caseworkers and soup-kitchens.

The initiative we pictured was the “Christmas basket for families in need”: friends and colleagues sponsored food, hygiene items and toys that were directly delivered to those in need… an immense gift for people in need and a great humanitarian experience for us.

How was the Corporate participation?

The response from the Company, the colleagues and friends was overwhelming: we could not only deliver food and joy to 60 local disadvantaged families, but we also saved a huge amount of food that was welcomed at the soup-kitchen. Meeting the people who benefitted from our efforts was a touching experience: decaying rooms acking everything and filled with smells that will never leave our memory were clashing with unaware children playing joyfully with what toys they had…

Can you summarize all the TP initiatives taken in 2021 to support unlucky people?

13 years ago we founded the “Support Bank”, with which we take care of the primary needs of less fortunate families. We cover primary needs offering food, medicines and paying bills.

We also developed more complex projects like job requalification for parents or micro-credit with no interests. We are also supporting with money and manpower two local soup-kitchens that deliver over 300 meals per day. Finally, we take care of nearly 40 children in a village in Tanzania, accompanying them through the difficulties in a place where nothing is taken for granted, until they are 18 and have a school qualification that helps make them independent.

Our motto is: “If anybody is hungry do not only offer a fish, teach him/her how to fish.”

Can you tell your feelings and the value of those actions?

Tecniplast is locally perceived as a hub of altruism, yet ready to help - without expecting anything in return - families with kids that are going through a hard time.

Having the opportunity to reach and support directly where the need is present, is good, and motivates us to do more and better.

We are doing nothing special, just sowing the seeds of a better future…