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Alpha condenses in its own name etymology the meaning of a new beginning, the very first letter representing at the same time the DNA dominant factor in the market arena, what we confidently expect this outstanding and innovative product will be for the next decade and hopefully more.

At IWT, as part of the Tecniplast group, for the past 30 years we have been engineering and manufacturing with relentless efforts and passion cage and rack washers as the core and central activity of our organization and by now we can proudly say that we installed close to 1100 RW units in Lab Animal facilities all around the world, from Canada to New Zealand, from Siberia to Brazil… a very tangible sign of constant commitment, persistent focus and great product ideas, then well executed!

The founding pillars of this great journey have always been 3 in our minds: first outstanding validated cage throughput, combined (and this is the difficult part!) with increasing energy efficiency and remarkable flexibility, for the buildings as well as for the users!

Now I can tell that the Alpha RW, along the line of its glorious predecessor models, the 700 series, the 900WP/GP and the current Atlantis family, will take these pillars to the next and unprecedented level.

Edoardo Bernardini, Managing Director IWT S.r.l.

ACT System – Adaptive Cleaning Technology (Patent Pending)

  • Innovative cleaning arms control combining independent vertical and oscillating movements
  • Superior water coverage compared to traditional oscillating arm technology
  • Direct and uniform spraying pattern on all surfaces of the load grants top level cleaning and rinsing efficacy
  • 11% narrower chamber width to minimise load-nozzles distance without compromises on loading capacity
  • Full control on the arms positioning and trajectories, allowing a precise cleaning and rinsing of bottles

Sustainability first

  • Up to -75% consumptions per cage, only 300ml-10oz of water used per cage
  • Smaller water tanks resulting in up to 13% energy savings
  • Unique capability to adapt the cycle to the actual loaded area: save time and utilities
  • Frequency inverters as a standard for efficient motors management and cycle flexibility

Unprecedented Performance

  • New High Density presentation racks (Patent Pending): 75% extra loading capacity in a 30% lighter design
  • Up to 154 mice cages (EM500) per load in a 11% smaller chamber volume
  • Minimum 8 cycles per hour (AK-KAB certified) and over 1,230 mice cages (EM500) per hour
  • Increased mechanical wash force (+39% TTI) thanks to optimized fluid-dynamic

Building-friendly design

  • Only 100mm-4inches depth and 1950mm-77inches width pit dimensions
  • Wall-to-Wall installation capability in less than 2500mm-98inches operational width requirements
  • Just cold water supply in case of steam heated unit
  • Electrically-heated set-up with standard productivity guaranteed

Empowered set of options

  • Turnkey on-board vaporized H2O2 generator featuring fast aeration and catalyser
  • Two process tanks design for efficient alkaline-acid alternate washing cycles
  • Automatic tilting floor for the dripping of flat trolley surfaces
  • Heat recovery system to pre-warm either drying air or incoming water
  • On-board detergents storage with ergonomic handling logistics


Craig Thomson, Bioresources Manager, The Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health

“Having seen the new RW Alpha Rack and Cage Washer during its launch at the FELASA Congress, I was impressed by the new improved washing motion which allows a greater wash capacity, and the new presentation rack design makes loading of difficult items, such as food hoppers, enrichment items and lids, easy and efficient. I think the RW Alpha Rack and Cage Washer is awesome.”


Carla Smith, Bioresources Manager, Telethon Kids Institute, Perth Western Australia

“I recently attended the FELASA Congress and was able to be at the launch of the new RW Alpha Rack and Cage Washer from IWT.  Some of the features that really excited me about the RW Alpha Washer include the Emergency Rope that replaces the emergency bar, what a fantastic idea, and what this means is no more accidental leaning on the emergency release bars when loading or unloading the chamber. 

Also, this smart idea takes up less space, which means the washer has greater washing capacity! The reduced door weight, the easier close / engage function of the door and pop out gasket are other features that will increase the ease of use and minimise push-pull forces, making washroom operations less difficult.

I was amazed by the new floor layout, which once again is more user friendly, overall, IWT have created a new Rack and Cage Washer that functions as well (if not better) than the ‘gold standard’ Atlantis Rack and Cage Washer and which incorporates many ergonomic features that make washing quicker, simpler, easier and more efficacious.”

Watch product video: THE NEW ALPHA RACK WASHER - YouTube