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Diederik van den Berg, founder of platform, tells us more about this useful tool in the LAS market

Dear Diederik, what is the idea behind the platform?

Well, the precise idea was to create a solid, invite-only platform for the global laboratory animal science community. To build a reliable place where we can share 3R solutions, alternatives to animal testing and help enhance animal welfare.

But also, to share innovative products, services, courses and vacancies that are relevant for the LAS community. The Biotech Xchange platform is accessible for vetted Laboratory Animal Professionals like: facility managers, animal technicians, veterinarians, researchers and suppliers. Commercial suppliers on the platform are a select group. They are approached to join based on the request of users and the added innovative value they bring to the platform.

Can you talk about the benefits they can get from your platform?

The main benefit of Biotech Xchange is that you can find many products and services related to animal welfare and LAS in one secure and private place. This will help you to save time and become more efficient. So then, let’s say you are searching for a method to enhance the 3Rs in your facility. Well, the best solution might be found on the other side of the globe and you could encounter solutions you weren’t aware of before.

Additionally, the users have a direct influence in how the platform evolves. For example, there were many requests to add transactional functionalities to the platform. So, this functionality has been developed and now you can also trade products or services directly on the platform.

Which is your time plan for the project and your expected results in one year from now?

In the coming 12 months the focus is on the following three things: content, functionalities and getting the word out. Furthermore, the plan is to add more languages to the six already available on the platform, based on user surveys and the expansion into other geographies.

When we’re looking at getting the word out, we’re working with various partners on how to further increase the reach of the platform.

By then, the goal for Biotech Xchange is to be well on its way to becoming the global go-to platform to find 3R related and innovative LAS solutions.

How can our readers get registered?

You can sign up with your LinkedIn account or you can also request access by emailing (with your work email).

Of course, the easiest way to get registered is to get invited by a person who is already using the platform.

Why should we recommend that our readers get registered?

In the first place, Biotech Xchange makes it easy for you to search multiple LAS solutions, products methods all in one place. Also, you’ll be updated frequently on what happens on the platform and what new solutions have become available.

Furthermore, it is a secure and private place to exchange information about 3R methods, products and other LAS related topics like events, webinars and vacancies.

Lastly, access for academics and research institutes is free.