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Panorama Newsletter

“DGR”, the restyled version of “2GR” rack

Tecniplast is always hungry for improvements, technical and aesthetic. The “D“ of the DGR stands for Digital. In fact, we are constantly on the cutting edge to digitalize our products!

After the success of the M (mice) series, the R (rat) series will also be DVC® compatible.

The racks are fully retrofittable for both DVC® and DVC® Lite. The DVC® -Lite version will be ready within Q2, while the DVC® for rats could be available based on future market demands.

“DGR” keeps consistency within the Green Line family feeling, sharing the DGM innovation also in terms of design. The same quality, robustness and reliability as 2GR rack is guaranteed.

The main improvements regard rounded edges at the rack base, the S/S tilting plenum support to facilitate the plenum removal, a quicker AWS retrofit that removes additional mounting brackets, and the reliability of Tecniplast wheels.

Simone Cassetti

Marketing Manager Housing Solutions