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1991-2021: IWT TURNS 30!

Three decades at the service of washing, decontamination and automation

September 13, 1991: 30 years ago, IWT was officially established. Retrace with us the milestones of our thirty-year history in the timeline below (click to enlarge).

Three decades rich in innovation and passion, enthusiasm and dedication, challenges and growth, that we've always faced considering them as opportunities to improve our offering, service and operations. Many things have changed in over the last three decades - in all our lives, the world, and in the market we serve. But one thing has remained the same: the passion we put in everything we do.

We have more than 160 employees. We’ve been by your side for 30 years. We work as one family at your service.

THANK YOU for being at our side and for choosing IWT yesterday, today... and tomorrow!

Behind every single piece of equipment delivered to your premises, there is the extraordinary work of a great team of men and women, that we're proud to introduce to you today.

Our "Fantastic 30" operate in all the departments and offices of our Company - this includes Production, Project and Service, Sales and After Sales, Planning and Operations, Finance and HR, Marketing and Communication  - synergically working as a team, and as a family.

Enjoy our “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to celebrate our 30th anniversary, 30 IWT team members are sharing with you the values that they base their work at IWT on, 24/7, 365 days a year!