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// August 24, 2018
Digital Housing Webinars Available. Sign Up!
Digital Housing Webinars Available. Get greater data for your paper and top experimental reproducibility  Exploit DVC ®high data quality to improve the reproducibility of your scientific research, and consequently, the acceptance and quality of the research reports! Discover potential novel...

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// May 2018
DVC® Proves to Be Effective in Identifying Mice Activity Levels
DVC® proves to be effective in identifying mouse cages with patterns of high activity levels, signaling possible aggression incidences, thus potentially allowing for early intervention and consequently improving animal welfare. In the article “Effect of Environmental Enrichment on Aggression...

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DVC: Continuously Captures and Records Data Without Affecting Animals
Seven modules are in place to monitor intra-cage conditions and help improve the workflow of facility operations; bedding conditions, food and water level, animal activity, leak detection, facility planner, cage identification, and cage census and location.  Click here for more information

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// June 2018
Simple, Accurate & Inexpensive
INTERCEPTOR is a simple, accurate and inexpensive health colony monitoring system compatible with existing Tecniplast IVC systems. Different than other alternatives in the market, the Interceptor gets fully sealed and secured to avoid contamination of the sample during retrieval. Click here for:  More...

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// June 15, 2016
NEW 1.7-liter breeding tank with unique design that promotes natural spawning behavior
The new 1.7-liter tank features a sloped interior –or “beach style” –that facilitates and promotes zebrafish spawning. A removable insert builds a shallow and a rest area inside the tank, recreating the zebrafish natural spawning setting in a small footprint. This design makes breeding...

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BC-PLAST: Light is the New Strong for Washing Operations
The BC-Plast is 35% lighter than stainless steel and is compatible with most washing equipment. It has a robust structural design and construction while being suitable for manual and automated processes. Click here for more information

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ARIA Bio C36
Check out the ARIA Ventilated Cabinet! It's the new generation of the Bio-Cabinet. Click here for more information. 

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iSpawn Zebrafish Breeding Tank Product Launched at Boston Children's Hospital
A new fish tank designed to optimize zebrafish breeding is Boston Children's most recent licensed product to hit the market.Click here for the full article.

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