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// July 2020
NEW Website provides easy access to the latest scientific publications on vivarium digital technology.
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new DIGILAB website! This user-friendly website gives you the latest information on our revolutionary DVC® system. This site is intended for all members in the LAS community as a resource of the latest information as well as product updates. Members of LAS...

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// Online
Webinar: Accelerating Animal Model Research by Leveraging Home Cage Monitoring
This webinar is now available online This is an excellent opportunity for you to see how scientists around the world are using DVC technology and learn about multiple studies done with favorable results toward the use of this technology.  Use the link below to access the webinar page and...

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// March 2020
CoVid19 and the Heroes Backstage
We hear daily that thousands of first responders and hashtag#healthcare professionals are on the front line putting themselves at risk while fighting the devastating effects of hashtag#CoVid19 . What we hear less often is about thousands of hashtag#research professionals who are backstage, working...

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// May 2020
Introducing a High Allergen Containment Bedding Disposal Station, ARIA DS-One
The new bedding disposal station, Aria DS-One, offers the highest allergen containment and protection in the market. The DS-One is compact, lightweight, and easy to maneuver. Laminar flow barrier, prefilters and 99.99% U.L.Class 1 HEPA filtration are in place to guarantee protection for the operator....

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// Jan 2020
DVC® proves to be effective in identifying mouse cages with patterns of high activity levels
DVC® proves to be effective in identifying mouse cages with patterns of high activity levels, signaling possible aggression incidences, thus potentially allowing for early intervention and consequently improving animal welfare. In the article “Effect of Environmental Enrichment on Aggression...

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