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We currently boast a team of four technical managers, four regional service supervisors, and 18 service engineers that have over 150 years of combined experience. Our group of engineers are certified experts for Tecniplast equipment including Aquatics, Laminar Flow, and Washing/Automation.

Tecniplast Service offers assistance/troubleshooting via phone, email, and video calls with our team of experts. Our team is strategically located throughout the country and are here to help you with your emergency repair calls as well as coordinate your preventive maintenance schedule. Our preventative maintenance schedules include one or two visits per year to help optimize the performance of your machine, increase productivity, and extend the life of the asset. During our visits, we come prepared with our Preventive Maintenance Kits, which contain replacement key components that may have worn down to keep your system operating at its peak and to reduce the likelihood of unplanned downtime. Our PM kits have been proven to reduce the frequency of emergency repair calls as well they offer a way for you to protect your capital investment for the future.

Please let our experts help you to avoid unexpected disruptions, unforeseen potential emergency repair costs, and maintain a safe working environment.