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Uniting Two Families: Tecniplast Announces a Transformative Partnership with Britz in the Laboratory Animal Science Industry
// October 11th, 2023

Uniting Two Families: Tecniplast Announces a Transformative Partnership with Britz in the Laboratory Animal Science Industry

Tecniplast, the leading manufacturer in the Laboratory Animal Science industry, is thrilled to unveil a new partnership with Britz (, a respected family-owned company with deep roots in the field. Tecniplast’ s acquisition of the majority shares in Britz highlights the commitment to expanding its presence in the USA while staying true to the family values and shared vision that both companies hold dear.

This development signifies Tecniplast’s dedication to the LAS industry and to global growth. Tecniplast is embarking on a collaborative journey with Britz, a company known for its quality and values. Through this joint effort, Tecniplast aims to enhance its offerings and capabilities to provide customers with an unparalleled portfolio of solutions.

Pietro Bernardini, Tecniplast’s Managing Director, commented on the occasion, stating, “We are embarking on an extraordinary journey with the Britz family. Together, we will uphold the shared values that have fueled our success, while leveraging our collective strengths to offer an expansive array of solutions that redefine industry standards.” Sentiments echoed by Alessandro Bernardini, Tecniplast’s Managing Director, “At Tecniplast, our actions are grounded in solid principles: passion for what we do, a commitment to innovation, the dedication of individual efforts, good teamwork, and sincere communication with our clients. In Britz, we have discovered a company that aligns perfectly with these core values, truly believing in, sharing, and embodying the same principles.”

Tecniplast Director’s Edoardo Bernardini endorses the vision of Britz and Tecniplast’s journey, “Tecniplast’s partnership with Britz embodies shared family values, innovation, and a mutual pursuit of excellence. As two families come together, their commitment to fostering collaboration, integrity, and progress will shape the trajectory of Laboratory Animal Science, ushering in a new era of discovery and advancements”.

Bill Britz enthusiastically echoed this sentiment, highlighting the partnership’s exciting potential: “Our partnership with Tecniplast is a big deal for both companies. It is truly remarkable how well family values, commitment to the market, and “innovative thought” are aligned between the two companies. At Britz, we are excited to have the of strength of Tecniplast behind us as we grow and modernize our facilities to better meet our customer’s needs. I cannot wait to see what the great things will come through our collaboration!”

Tecniplast USA’s President and CEO, Mike Mondo, and Britz’s CEO, William (Bill) Britz, will work together to blend the two entities, leveraging their strengths to facilitate innovation and collaboration. By maintaining the Britz family at the helm of leadership, the partnership combines Tecniplast’s global expertise with Britz’s localized knowledge, fostering an atmosphere primed for collaborative breakthroughs.

Mike Mondo emphasizes the positive impact of the partnership on the overall North America operations, stating, “As Tecniplast solidifies its presence in the USA, this partnership with Britz marks a significant moment in the company’s strategic evolution. With two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the USA and a dedicated team of over 120 skilled employees across North America, Tecniplast is better positioned to cater to a discerning market with specialized requirements. From the inception of design through the manufacturing process, Tecniplast has now locally structured itself to elevate its performance and offer comprehensive support to its valued clients”.

This collaboration will drive investments aimed at elevating Britz’s manufacturing capabilities in Wyoming. Matthew Britz, third generation of the Britz family involved in the company, as Britz Director of Operations, recognizes that “This plan is aimed at facilitating the delivery of top-tier products while accommodating the evolving demands of the Laboratory Animal Science Industry”.

To learn more about this partnership between Tecniplast and Britz, click this link to watch the official video:


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