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TRANSIT - Transport Trolley and Recovery Rack

The NEW Transit Line HD is designed to accommodate even more cages, providing extra space for your experiments. With the addition of the humidification control in the Recovery Rack, humidity is now easily adjustable. 

Thanks to the Transport Trolley HD compact design, you can move between different rooms or buildings, whilst maintaining optimal environmental conditions and maximum animal welfare. 

The Transport Trolley HD can be equipped with a Lightning Control System, which includes a red cabin and programmable LED lights, to study how animals respond to circadian rhythm alterations. 

The new Recovery Rack with Humidification is designed to ensure that humidity, temperature, and ventilation are controlled inside the home cage during experiments and post-surgical treatment. The Recovery Rack with Humidification is the ideal solution to ensure animal welfare and isolate selected weak or sick animals for veterinary inspection or treatment. 

  • Ideal solution as IVCs unit with a small number of high value animals or for contingency plans 
  • Reliability: battery backup for continuous ventilation 
  • Flexibility: suitable for mouse and rat cages 
  • Excellent ergonomics in cage movement 

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