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The construction works for the IWT expansion are proceeding at a tireless pace and the first doors to be opened are the ones of the new cafeteria. What better opportunity to inaugurate the new relaxation and refreshment area if not the annual Christmas greetings which see all the IWT staff gather for a toast (with the unmissable Italian prosecco) and a light dinner (Are there really light dinners in Italy?!).

Last year the event was purposely held in the new cafeteria, where after the ribbon cutting ceremony the full team had the pleasure of stepping in and admiring the new spaces for the first time.

“The new cafeteria is meant to be the rendez-vous point for everyone, an area where people can share time and develop relationships that go beyond the business itself. A strongly-knit team, a team that cares about each other is essential to establish a healthy and successful working environment”

Marco Pagani - IWT Marketing Manager

The growth plans are going even further and the new metal workshop and production plant for the GMP washers was handed over at the end of February to be fully functional immediately in March.

New production areas and operational offices count over 1500m2 (16500 ft2) dedicated to a state-of-the-art metal workshop and a new assembly line for the GMP washers. Attention and details are mandatory to cope with the strict industry requirements and standards, which means broadening and reviewing the flow of the internal metal workshop with further investments in new laser cutters, orbital welders and polishing machines, all of which are essential. The relocation of the offices and showrooms frees almost 1000m2 (11000ft2) in the existing working space; that space is reused to expand current production lines and lean islands, everything to guarantee ever-faster delivery times against the constant increase in demand.

The new headquarter offices with the convention center and testing areas are just down the road with an expected ETA in April when, during the Easter break, the official move is planned.

“The constantly growing demand that our operations are facing, called for a deep reorganization to ensure that the quality level expected when a product is associated with the Tecniplast-IWT brands is not only achieved but exceeded. To hit the targets, spaces, flows and planning are crucial. The expansion, with the new building for the GMP washers manufacture combined with the reorganization of the current spaces, will dramatically improve our production capabilities and expedite lead-times. This is a must if you consider that just last year we were manufacturing basically two Atlantis rack washers per week, over 85 in one year!”

Marco Pagani - IWT Marketing Manager

With the coming spring, IWT2.0 will be fully running and we are all excited to be opening our doors to all of you. Come, breathe and witness the IWT world!

Visit the NEW IWT website and join us!

Silvia Dalla Costa – Communication and Events Manager