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We are the trend setter of Circular Economy in the LAS industry.

2020 is the year of the circular economy, a model that is increasingly gaining traction among the countries of the European Union, determined to implement a new agenda of measures to protect the planet from all the waste we are drowning in, due to  population growth, lack of raw materials and the evolution of the production process.

We are the trend setter of circular economy in the LAS industry, which is about more than recycling.

We adopted, implemented and executed a system which:

  • REDUCES the consumption of raw materials through the design of products with a long life, simple maintenance and lower costs;
  • REUSES raw materials (first major step in the life cycle of our products)  to conserve the energy spent to create our products;
  • RECYCLES (the last step in our product’s life cycle) the materials used to make it are used to start the life of another product through our famous “Recycling Program.)

We believe in a circular economy and think a sustainable world doesn't mean a drop in quality of life for consumers and can be achieved without loss of revenue or extra costs for manufacturers.

We know that circular business models can be as profitable as linear models, allowing us to keep enjoying similar products and services with fantastic benefits for Tecniplast, for our Customers and for Society at large.

Our plastics: A fantastic material

We have selected reusable plastics. The fact that they do not degrade makes it possible for circular usage, creating a true value for used plastic, and therefore an economic impetus to collect it.

We should not forget that plastic gives us products that we could otherwise only dream of.

Our Recycling program promotes circular use, giving used plastics a true value, and thus an economic impetus for collecting them anywhere on earth, minimising release of plastic into nature.

We enact a vision to create a sustainable, circular system for plastic products in the LAS industry.

Our products are made of specially designed plastic, which ensures a particular resistance for years to physical and mechanical use. Therefore our products are ideal for LAS industry where products are autoclaved and washed frequently, without losing proper features such as visibility or mechanical resistance.

Together with our customers, we have pioneered the way to develop reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic products that never break, as well as accessories tailored to individual markets.

All our products are considered unbreakable due to the hard plastic they are made from and once you’re finished with your reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly plastic products we will take them back, through our WW local recycler network where they will be grinded down to make new products.

We, intuitively, perceived years ago that the circular economy appeared to be more sustainable than the current linear economic system because it reduces the resources used, and the waste created on the one hand, and conserves resources, reduces environmental pollution on the other.

We believe that we have developed the first Sustainability plan in the Lab Animal Science industry.

Ask your Tecniplast representative about our sustainability planning process and the economic benefits it offers you, society and especially, the environment!