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The maximum level of assessment of a Company’s Reliability: The Cribis Prime Company Certificate!
// November, 2022

The maximum level of assessment of a Company’s Reliability: The Cribis Prime Company Certificate!

Tecniplast also in 2022 obtains the CRIBIS “Prime Company” Certificate, the recognition of maximum commercial reliability based on the CRIBIS rating, an internationally and constantly updated indicator of the reliability of a company.

The “Prime Company” Certificate recognizes, one more time, Tecniplast’s primary solidity and reliability.

Once again Tecniplast identifies new frontiers in the relationship with customers. In fact, the Cribis certificate guarantees, on the one hand, professional reliability of the company, and on the other, a strong commitment with our customers’ needs in a worldwide perspective.

CRIBIS is a highly specialized company with advanced business information skills, with the aim of providing both the Italian market and D&B's global clients with the highest standards of quality in terms of business coverage, the depth and accuracy of information, the technological capacity and flexibility to respond quickly to market demands, as well as in the provision of decisional systems, and scoring models.

Thanks to the access to the Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network CRIBIS accesses information on over 300 million companies worldwide.

CRIBIS is the only company in Italy able to provide such complete company information, constantly updated and certified by the quality control of Dun & Bradstreet, one of the world’s leading companies for business information.

The report is the result of a complete analysis which includes:

  • A wide range of added value information about Tecniplast characterized by a homogeneous structure
  • Various data such as industry Sector, Country, Company Size, group Affiliation
  • Sectoral data: reports on statistics, comparative analysis between companies within the same industry
  • Duns Number: the unique nine-figure code issued by D&B, and used to identify a global company, recognized by authoritative organizations such as the U.S. government, United Nations, European Commission, etc.

Cribis is part of CRIF Group, specialized in commercial information on Italian and foreign companies.

CRIF is a global company specializing in credit information and business information systems, analytics, outsourcing and processing services as well as advanced digital solutions for business development and open banking.

The CRIF group is present in 4 continents (Europe, Asia, America and Africa): 30 countries with direct activities and 70 companies and a turnover of almost 600 million. Today, over 10,500 banks and financial companies, more than 600 insurance companies, 80,000 businesses and 1,000,000 consumers use CRIF services on 4 continents.

Furthermore, CRIF is included in the prestigious IDC FinTech Rankings Top 100, the ranking of the leading providers of global technology solutions for the financial services sector, and in 2019 it completed its coverage as ISP in 31 European countries where the PSD2 directive is applicable for open banking.

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