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The FIRST - Tecniplast DVC talks to a-tune tick@lab
// November, 2016

The FIRST - Tecniplast DVC talks to a-tune tick@lab

Charlotte, NC, USA, 31-Oct-2016 - Tecniplast and a-tune software announced at the National AALAS meeting the successful integration of a-tune's tick@lab Animal Management System with the Tecniplast DVC (Digital Ventilated Cage) System. 

The interface supports the automatic tracking of cages and their movements within the DVC system – the movement of the animals - in tick@lab, subsequent to the initial setup of the cage in the Tecniplast Changing Station.

The integration interface transfers animal and cage information between the two systems resulting in a real-time view from the rack management user interface and tick@lab.

Andreas Staubi, CEO of a-tune, comments: "We at a-tune are very excited about this development and happy being the first to offer this significant and powerful feature to our customers. The interface closes the gap between the world of data and the physical assets within the animal room. The real time access to the exact cage and animal position is simply impossible to achieve if one has to rely on manual data curation. It's a huge step forward, regardless of whether the data is used to calculate a real-time census for billing purposes, or to manage task requests and transgenic breeding."

Giorgio Rosati, Digilab Market Manager, adds Tecniplast’s point of view: "Tecniplast considers this is a great achievement and it clearly supports our global product strategy. The possibility for customers to take advantage of the cage logistics features of the DVC within their tick@lab Animal Management System is a gateway and door-opener to the other capabilities of the DVC. The combination of various sensor technologies and learning software algorithms support operators and scientists as well and contribute to the safety and wellbeing of the animals."

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DVC® - Digital Ventilated Cage is a revolutionary technology that introduces digital intelligence into the daily management of Vivarium. A sensor network monitors intra-cage conditions, which is essential for animal welfare. 

DVC® is equipped with seven modules that continuously monitor, detect and record data concerning bedding conditions, food and water levels, cage flooding (AWS), cage location, and animal activity in every cage. 24/7 digital data generation enables the establishment of the desired parameters to achieve optimal cage environmental conditions, improve workflow in the vivarium daily operations and reduce costs through better utilization of resources.

Click here to find out more about DVC®  - Digital Ventilated Cage to turn your facility into a Digital Vivarium



tick@lab is the software platform of a-tune software for data management and research compliance in biomedical research.

The customer base consists of leading public and private research institutions in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. Through consistent use of web technologies and flexible architecture, tick@lab can be adapted to the individual requirements and is available on any device, which is equipped with a browser (for example: Computer, Notebook, iPad, Tablet).

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