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Tecniplast Group Acquires Labosystem S.r.l. and KW S.r.l., Establishing TECNILABO Division
// September, 2023

Tecniplast Group Acquires Labosystem S.r.l. and KW S.r.l., Establishing TECNILABO Division

With the acquisition of Labosystem S.r.l. and KW S.r.l., the Tecniplast Group has bolstered its presence in the laboratory sector and introduced a new division known as TECNILABO.

This strategic move is expected to yield positive synergies across various aspects of our operations, including procurement, production, research and development, service, and logistics.

TECNILABO's primary objective is to expand our product offerings and integrated services, characterized by a commitment to excellence that aligns seamlessly with the ever-evolving demands of scientific research. Our mission, and indeed our passion, is to continuously enhance the quality of our products, ensuring the highest levels of safety and operator ergonomics, thereby assisting our customers in advancing biomedical research.

Both KW and Labosystem are renowned for being at the cutting-edge in lab furnishing and equipment, proudly representing the "Made in Italy" ethos with a combined annual turnover of 30 million Euros. Through these acquisitions, our Group is positioned to further strengthen its leadership in the laboratory industry, a sector currently experiencing robust growth.


Labosystem S.r.l. stands as the foremost laboratory furnishing company in the Italian market.

Their expertise lies in planning, constructing, and distributing workstations, chemical hoods, safety cabinets, sensory analysis stations, and laboratory seating.

Leveraging advanced technology and a specialized team, Labosystem consistently delivers optimal solutions tailored to the diverse needs of modern laboratories.

Their meticulous attention to detail ensures efficient utilization of lab spaces and workstations.


KW S.r.l. is a well-established Italian entity and a global player in the planning, production, and distribution of a comprehensive range of equipment with controlled temperature capabilities spanning from -90°C to +300°C. These solutions cater to scientific research in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

The company's reputation extends to more than 80 countries, built upon its unwavering reliability, extensive product range, and the application of its technology in temperature management across various industrial sectors. KW has a notable track record in the scientific equipment segment, including products certified as "medical devices." Their technological prowess is complemented by a widespread sales network and exceptional after-sales service.


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