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Leadership in Germ Controlled Environment FELASA Workshop OWE4 - Tuesday, June 11th from 10.15 to 11.45 AM – Terrace 2A
// May, 2019

Leadership in Germ Controlled Environment FELASA Workshop OWE4 - Tuesday, June 11th from 10.15 to 11.45 AM – Terrace 2A

Join the FELASA Workshop “Advances in operational and technical husbandry aspects in rodent gnotobiology” on Tuesday, June 11th from 10.15 to 11.45 – Terrace 2A (Workshop code: OWE4, in Felasa Final Detailed program:!

The Workshop explores how emerging research investigates the role of the host microbiome in health and disease: despite the revolutionary insights into the complexity of microbiome influence on host immunologic, metabolic and physiologic pathways, microbiome research remains in its infancy.

Interrogation on the complex intersection of host microbiome and system response has led to the revalidation of existing mouse models of human disease and to the development of novel animal models.

The complexity of traditional specific pathogen-free mouse models and the influence of the microbiome on disease modelling and reproducibility will be explained by Opinion Leaders, expert in the field of mouse microbiomes.

Experiences in the progressive development of mouse models will be shared, together with the description of each models’ values and limitations, as well as their success in the translatability of a human transplant models.

Challenges and opportunities  in support of microbiome research will be moreover investigated.

Existing facilities design and equipment require consideration of associated biocontainment and biosecurity concerns when using (human) microbiota.

The integration of flexible film and semi-rigid isolator housing with biocontainment and bio-exclusion ventilated rack technologies, with a focus on the exclusive Tecniplast’s ISOcage system features and benefits for high throughput studies, will be discussed.

Presenters, Opinion Leaders from North America, Europe and Israel Gnotobiotic Communities, will share their technical experiences and expertise in managing a gnotobiotic facility with the current technologies for germ free and gnotobiotic research.

This workshop is insightful for all individuals at all levels in laboratory animal care, who are interested in microbiota and rodent modelling including recent advances in humanizing rodent microbiota.

Available seats are limited: don’t lose this opportunity and get registered!

For additional information on this FELASA workshop, please contact your local Tecniplast representative.

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