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Iso Cage Positive: present and future in Gnotobiotics
// September, 2019

Iso Cage Positive: present and future in Gnotobiotics

An interesting article, titled “Gnotobiotics: Past, Present and Future” and written by Marijana Basic and Andrè Bleich has been recently published on Laboratory Animals (Volume 53, Number 3, June 2019).

The article describe very well the evolution of gnotobiotics or gnotobiology research and related equipment, from its origins to today, underlining trends and evolution for the future, where gnotobiotic models will be indispensable for further advancements in the microbiome field. The article underlined how the long-term maintenance of gnotobiotic rodents is and will be performed in positive-pressure isolators and, to facilitate gnotobiotic experimental procedures, short-term husbandry systems have been developed, focusing on the TP ISO Cage Positive system and how this cage technology represents a mini isolator at a cage level and allows animal handling in a class II biosafety cabinet.

The article shows how today Gnotobiotics provides a powerful tool to analyse functional effect of host microbe interactions, especially in complex disease models. Gnotobiotic models will be indispensable for future advances in microbiome research.

Furthermore, these approaches will contribute to the development of novel therapeutic targets. The article concludes its nice analysis mentioning how the use of gnotobiotic animal models will probably grow continuously  over the next few years, likely causing inundation of current gnotobiotic sites with increasing number of service requests.

An interesting suggestion from the authors is that an approach to handling this demand in facilities lacking gnotobiotic capabilities might be through collaboration with existing gnotobiotics centres or through the local use of individualized maintenance systems for experiments, as for example our ISO CAGE Positive system.

If you are interested in reading the article this is the link:

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