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Home Cage Monitoring: the principal actor at Aalas
// October, 2021

Home Cage Monitoring: the principal actor at Aalas

An interesting Seminar was presented at the recent Aalas Conference in Kansas City. The Seminar entitled “Optimization of Husbandry and Study Outcomes during a Pandemic Using Automated Housing Systems”, has described very well how the pandemic has affected the research environment, from introducing limitations to promoting adaptations such as the use of continuous automated housing systems.

The seminar offered clear and well explained overviews from a veterinary director of an ABSL3 facility, an animal facility manager of a ABSL2 facility, and a neurodegenerative leading research scientist.

They provided varied and impactful perspectives on the implementation and use of continuous automated housing systems.

Speakers presented in a dynamic way topics such as the operation and onboarding of  these systems, data acquisition. An examination on how staff and research team members were engaged to leverage the systems’ full capabilities was covered by these diverse speakers.

DVC® was one of the most important innovations illustrated by speakers who used it during the Pandemic.

The practical  aspects of animal management and having near real-time clinical and study data outcomes in relationship to study outcomes were emphasized.

This seminar was designed for all individuals at all levels in laboratory animal programs from administrators, managers, veterinarians, animal care professionals and researchers and it was welcomed by participants interested in facility management and incorporating newer concepts and efficiencies into current programs.

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