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DVC®: in the spotlights at AALAS 2019
// October, 2019

DVC®: in the spotlights at AALAS 2019

DVC® and its technology was one of the most discussed technologies at the AALAS 2019 in Denver. 3 Posters mentioned the DVC® technology and showed the benefits of this technology for the users with extraordinary results.

Noteworthy was a Seminar entitled “Smart Approaches In Animal Facility Management” where DVC® was mentioned many times for its innovative concept and fantastic benefits for users.

The Seminar included different smart approaches from condition based maintenance programs, to ways of capturing data.

Presentations challenged established assumptions and industry norms, requirements and responsibilities of personnel, operation management.

New technologies such as DVC® or automation have were described, underlining important benefits such as safety, efficiency, ergonomic and personnel health.

The seminar was a successful session with a significant participation of administrators, managers, veterinarians, and animal care professionals. It was a must for anyone interested in facilities management and incorporating newer concepts and efficiencies into current programs.

From the Audience’s  point of view DVC® was the most innovative technology showed during the seminar.

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