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DVC®: a fantastic tool to improve analysis, understanding, welfare and data reproducibility of your animal models
// March, 2020

DVC®: a fantastic tool to improve analysis, understanding, welfare and data reproducibility of your animal models

“Accelerating Animal Model Research by Leveraging Home Cage Monitoring” is the next Webinar organized on April 22th 2020 by the prestigious Scientific Platform of Mary Ann Liebert Editor.

They will be discussed the latest scientific works done with Tecniplast DVC® System and what has been done in terms of data replicability, animal welfare and better science with 24/7 locomotor activity data.

This webinar will show the added value of the DVC® and how  home cage monitoring can improve the value for better research reporting and reproducibility while potentially reducing stress in lab mice, ultimately accelerating research results.

Attendees will learn about recording animal data in their home cage 24/7, assessing environmental conditions and the keys to ensure more rigorous reporting.


Major themes to be discussed include:

  • How observations collected via home-cage monitoring can be translated into an animal’s locomotor activity in a scalable, automated and real-time manner with minimal set up.
  • How information can impact animal welfare and experimental design as well as the interplay with conventional behavioural tests outside the home cage, leading to refined experimental approaches. Examples will be drawn from studies in chronobiology, surgical recovery, oncology and neuro degenerative diseases.
  • How to gain insights from 24/7 monitoring, impacting reproducibility, repeatability and refinement of experimental design, while improving animal welfare.
  • Examples of the practical application of digital information within a research group or across a global organization, and its effects on reproducibility, husbandry and data consistency.
  • Tips to improve reproducibility of rodent research.

Important Speakers, with an important international experience and pioneers in adopting the DVC® Technology, will show their latest results in their researches:

  • Pierre Lainee, Phd, Lead Accountability Manager, Sanofi Pharma, France
  • Silvia Mandillo, Research Scientist Institute of Cell Biology and Neurobiology, CNR, Rome, Italy
  • Maximilian Wiesmann, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

If you want to follow the webinar and ask questions to the speakers, the webinar will be held on April 22nd, 2020 at 7 AM PST, 10 AM EST or  15:00 CET

This is the link for the registration:

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