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DVC ® System: committed to advance science
// March, 2020

DVC ® System: committed to advance science

In this continuous effort we at Tecniplast are glad to announce, with the support of InsideScientific, an online Webinar Provider, the first E-Poster or Virtual Poster of its kind (

In this new  format, our Scientific Director of the Digilab Team, Dr. Stefano Gaburro summarizes the latest scientific works done with Tecniplast DVC ® Home Cage Monitoring System and what has been done in term of data replicability, animal welfare and better science with 24/7 locomotor activity data.

This new form of communication helps Science Community to better interact, communicate and spread the word around. What do you think?

Check out this piece of work and feel free to comment and contact Stefano Gaburro (

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