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6th Egnaton Conference in Berlin, May 23-24
// April, 2017

6th Egnaton Conference in Berlin, May 23-24

The Egnaton Conference aims to share sustainable European laboratory technologies, with a 2-day presentation focusing on:

  • Life cycle reduced costs, extended life cycles, and smaller insurance premiums
  • Real estate value increase, highr productivity
  • Laboratory technology image enhancement
  • Reduced operator risks, location security
  • Positive influences on users’ health
  • Reduced effects on cultural background, environment, environment and local structures and Preservation of resources.

Egnaton Conference concentrate on Laboratory sustainable processes and technologies, becoming an international platform for opinions exchange, a benchmark for Research enterprises. Analyzing the reasons behind positive and negative result, the Conference has on one side the aim to define criteria of sustainability together with procedures standardization, and on the other side to support operating cost reduction, eco-safety and to promote sociocultural working.

Egnaton addresses to all enterprises, organizations, Laboratory operators and whom involved in Laboratory planning, creating a worldwide network of people caring for sustainability. The conference is therefore designed for Planners, Architects, Engineers and Facility Managers.

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