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TP Air Handling Solutions: the widest range for any need
// May 2014

TP Air Handling Solutions: the widest range for any need

Tecniplast presents the widest range of Air Handling Solutions: the most complete and flexible cage ventilation systems designed to ensure a standardized environment for the cage inhabitants, avoiding anxiety and stress induced behavior, with a substantial reduction of the running costs. Tecniplast is ready to solve any need from small to large facilities. 

HVAC Integration New ways of saving money, energy and maintaining the animal health whilst reducing room clutter and keeping animal Technicians happy. The Tecniplast answer to IVC integration with the use of “Car-Valve” system provides constant and stable airflow and pressure mode. We now have more options within IVC integration to increase the reliability, energy efficiency, conditioning and diversity of the air supplied to each Individually Ventilated Cage:

  • The Totally Direct System
  • The Multi-Flow

The Totally Direct System allows to connect the HVAC ducting directly to each rack providing with conditioned supply and exhaust airflow to each cage position. This means that there is no need for Air Handling Units (AHU’s) in the room due to the HVAC controlling the cage airflow. Pressure inverter can be provided to easily switch the pressure mode to each rack from positive to negative or vice versa.

Multi-Flow is the New Air Handling Unit ductable for IVC’s Integration System, designed specifically for reliability, high performance, energy efficiency, for installation in mezzanine with ducting system. The “Climate Control System” module (optional), allow to maintain relative humidity at a comfortable range for animals, in order to reduce risk of health and welfare that might affect research negatively. This solution will help to reduce energy consumption and running costs in the animal facility.

The Totally Direct System and the Multi-Flow complete the Air Handling Solution together with:

  1. Smart Flow and Easy Flow Stand Alone air handling Units with the Multilinking feature of being able to serve up to four single sided or two double sided racks. No vibrations transmitted to the racks; layout flexibility; bag-out system for filter change: everything in a fashion plastics frame that makes it easily cleanable. Every single AHU is DOP tested to guarantee safety for animals, operators, environment.
  2. SkyFlow can be either wall mounted, ceiling mounted or integrated into the mezzanine, featuring the same benefits of the easy and Smart Flow. Sky flow can be controlled through the Sky Pad that can be either wired or wireless.

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