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Tecniplast “Environmental Report Assurance Statement”: continual improvement and trasparency
// October, 2016

Tecniplast “Environmental Report Assurance Statement”: continual improvement and trasparency

Tecniplast obtained from Bureau Veritas Italia S.p.A., a global organization specialized in independent assurance, inspection and certification activities, an Independent Assurance Statement of its 2015 Environmental Report, covering the years 2013, 2014, 2015. This Assurance Statement, the only one in Lab Animal Industry, proves that the Tecniplast Environmental Report is accurate, correct and reliable, providing a trustworthy representation of Tecniplast S.p.A. activities and main results achieved, as well as reflecting the Company strategy and commitment towards the environment and sustainability.

Analyzing Tecniplast Sustainability strategy becomes clear that Tecniplast understood years ago how good sustainability practices help to gain competitive advantages and leant to tie sustainability to the core of its business.

This achievement makes more clear to all Stakeholders how Tecniplast is a top performing company in terms of environmental, social, governance and corporate social responsibility: to the careful reader it is clear how Tecniplast makes sustainability an integral part of its organization, building it into its business strategies, integrating into its brand and tying it to its core business.

For further information, ask your Tecniplast local representative.

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