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Safety by Design
// May 2014

Safety by Design

A presentation during the TurnKey Conference in Baltimore introduced the concept of Computational Fluid Dynamics. Tecniplast is proud to use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) during the development of its products since many years.

The CFD allows virtual simulation of conditions not easy feasible in a testing Lab and enables analytical modelling using a virtual prototype. Tecniplast makes extensive use of CFD with the objective to define in the most effective way (time to market) the best configuration of its products in terms of:

  • Good Containment
  • Optimal protection for workers
  • Welfare for animals
  • No cross contamination
  • Minimum power consumption and noise level


  • Supplements terminal tests
  • Can test multiple configurations and identify “weak” points
  • Incorporate energy optimization standards and performance metrics at the earliest design stage (80% of environmental impact is determined during the design stage)
  • Predict Protection and Performance but avoid excessive/Redundant safety margins and costs
  • Reduce development time and costs as CFD allows simulation of conditions not easy feasible in a testing lab
  • No drafts in IVC caging systems (*)
  • No anxiety; no acute or chronic stress in animals
  • Define Adequate air speed which helps avoid risk for animal stress, heat loss and temperature fluctuations, maintaining the preferred cage environment
  • No cross contamination inside the LAF and Optimal Protections for LAF users

 (*) V. Bauman, F. Schlingmann, M. Vonck, H. A. van Lith “Individual Ventilated Cages: beneficial for mice and men?” Contemporary Topics Volume 41, No 1 – Jannary 2002.

Ask your TP Represenatitive about information on Computational fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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