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Environmental Report Assurance Statement according to ISO 14016:2020 Environmental management — Guidelines on the assurance of environmental reports: a Tecniplast exclusive and continuous improvement for sustainability leadership and transparency
// February, 2022

Environmental Report Assurance Statement according to ISO 14016:2020 Environmental management — Guidelines on the assurance of environmental reports: a Tecniplast exclusive and continuous improvement for sustainability leadership and transparency

Tecniplast has obtained from DNV Italia S.p.A., a global organization specialized in independent assurance, inspection and certification activities, an Independent Assurance Statement of its 2020 environmental Report, covering the years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

This Assurance Statement, the only one in the Lab Animal Industry, proves that the Tecniplast Environmental Report is accurate, correct and reliable. The Report provides a trustworthy representation of Tecniplast S.p.A activities and main results achieved. The Report reflects the Company strategy and commitment towards the environment and sustainability. Analyzing Tecniplast Sustainability strategy, it becomes clear that Tecniplast understood years ago how good sustainability practices help to gain competitive advantages and learned to link sustainability to the core of its business.

This achievement makes it abundantly clear to all Stakeholders how Tecniplast is a top performing company in terms of environmental, social, governance and corporate social responsibility.

To the careful reader it is equally clear how Tecniplast makes sustainability an integral part of its organization, building it into its business strategies.

The Environmental Report Assurance Statement obtained from DVN is the expression of Tecniplast top management commitment in 2 different directions:

  1. To proceeding along the path of organization management continual improvement with full evidence of Quality, Environment management and product certifications that have been awarded.
  2. To being transparent for all the stakeholders and especially for the Tecniplast customers.

At this stage, the awareness level reached by Tecniplast top management is able to motivate and address all the employees and subcontractors working for them. The first advantage obtained from the Assurance Statement is for the customer, as they can read clearly what Tecniplast has done and is doing to improve the quality and environmental performances of their products and their organization, setting important improvement objectives, despite the crisis. In the era of communication it is very easy to issue self- declaration, but very few organizations reach the more elevated position of putting together relevant information and producing an Environment report verified and validated by third party auditors. The verification and validation process makes the big difference between a self-declaration and verified data and information, just as a balance sheet is approved by a third-party auditor.

When the Lab Animal Facility Managers are aware of quality and sustainability they will focus their attention and buy products preferably from organizations committed to the same issues of social corporate responsibility.

But until then the most important advantages for Tecniplast is the full knowledge of their processes in terms of resources consumption, including energy, and environmental impacts on site and during the life cycle of products (from cradle to grave). In this regard, Tecniplast has identified the environmental impact of products using the Life Cycle Assessment methodology, in advance of some requirements of the ISO 14001 ed. 2015 standard, expanding the knowledge of the use and disposal phases and being able to improve the products with benefits for the environment, the users/customers and Tecniplast itself in a win-win approach.

Tecniplast shows a cultural leadership with this Environmental Report. The main reason why even big companies do not prepare an environmental report is mainly cultural. Even operating in the XXI century, for those companies the commitment of the management is based on outdated values of self-esteem and the world is seen as a potential market to conquer.

Tecniplast vision is that of being a socially responsible player able to contribute to sustainable development producing values for society, the environment and the economy (People, Planet, Profit, the 3 pillars of sustainability).

The natural consequences of such an approach is to operate transparently, obtaining certification, improving the management system, organizing a huge amount of data in the environmental report. Collecting data requires the involvement of employees of various Tecniplast departments, as well as time and money spent on preparing the Environmental Report and the validation of an external independent auditor.

A company without a good data management system will certainly find more difficulty in finding and organizing data, but the main difficulty in preparing or not preparing Environmental Reports remains the cultural gap.

Do you want more information about the new Environmental Report? Call your local Tecniplast representative.

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