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For over 10 years Tecniplast have understood that no matter the size of our business, there are steps we can take to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions and help combat climate change.

Recycling program: 2022 was a record-breaking  year with over 426,000 kg of CO2 savings*
* (i.e. a reduction in the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere).


The Tecniplast recycling program is more alive than ever, especially in Germany where it has resulted in over 290,000 kg of CO2 savings, and in the UK where it has led to 135,641 kg of CO2 savings.

First rule:

Reuse and recycle.  We know that a large percentage of greenhouse gas emissions are from the “provision of goods,”: the extraction of resources, manufacturing process, transportation and disposal of “goods”, including consumer products and packaging, building components, and passenger vehicles, but excluding food. The Tecniplast Group recycling program is a fantastic example of how we can dramatically reduce our carbon emissions.

Our Project is based on the following points:

  • By measuring our carbon footprint we can understand the impact we have on the environment. We started a process of identifying our products Life Cycle Assessment analysis.
  • Promote recycling. By identifying how much pollution our products generate, we can ensure our plastic cage recycling program, will significantly reduce our overall carbon footprint

We started our recycling scheme in 2009 to give a second life to old plastic cages, recycling them into automotive parts, furniture, household appliances, office & other products. Tecniplast collects autoclaved old plastic cages from it’s clients and offers an incentive against the purchase of new ones, different countries run this programme differently i.e. some give the money raise to charity and for example in Italy, we support the framework agreement with the Environmental Ministry of Italy.




(kg of CO2 not released into the atmosphere)



2022 22468 426892
2021 10300 196000
2020 10600 201400
2019 11300 214700
2018 17000 323000
2017 10400 197600
2016 15500 294500
2015 19300 366700
2014 12600 239400
2013 15200 288800
2012 8000 152000
2011 19900 378100
2010 14500 275500
2009 11000 209000

Tecniplast Recycling Program: “Fast Facts”

The recycled plastic decreases the need to extract "virgin" resources from forests, oil reserves and mines, to make industrial products. Giving our plastic cages the possibility to offer a second life. This means less energy is consumed to manufacture and transport products. As a result, less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are generated.

The bottom line is: with every item you recycle or reuse, you help reduce greenhouse gases and protect the climate.