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Tecniplast Interceptor System and ScanClime Air Handling Unit
// April, 2018

Tecniplast Interceptor System and ScanClime Air Handling Unit

An interesting paper ( titled “Validation of the use of Interceptors in ScanClime” has been published and will be presented during the workshop 2 titled “Environmental Health Monitoring” on the occasion of the upcoming Scandlas Conference (Kristiansand, Norway – April 26-28).  

The study confirms that Tecniplast Interceptor system, being able to detect more agents than traditional bedding sentinels, actually improves the microbiological environmental monitoring of IVCs.

Moreover, thanks to the Interceptor, results can be collected without disturbing the animals, thus improving scientific outcomes.

Last but not least, the paper demonstrates that Interceptor can now be used not only in Tecniplast Air Handling Units, but also in Scanclime AHUs, allowing Scanclime users to choose Interceptor for the accurate health monitoring of their mice.

Click here to find out more about Tecniplast Interceptor System for your IVC microbiological monitoring!

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