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CoVid19 and the Heroes Backstage
// March 2020

CoVid19 and the Heroes Backstage

We hear daily that thousands of first responders and hashtag#healthcare professionals are on the front line putting themselves at risk while fighting the devastating effects of hashtag#CoVid19. What we hear less often is about thousands of hashtag#research professionals who are backstage, working with laboratory animals to find cure. Clinical testing on humans can only begin after a pre-clinical phase, involving laboratory studies and tests on animals, which has shown that the experimental hashtag#drug is considered safe and effective. hashtag#Laboratory mice are playing a critical role in both hashtag#vaccine and drug development. hashtag#Pharmaceutical and other research institutions, including academia, are diligently working to find the cure for CoVid19 and save thousands of lives. A LinkedIn post published by hashtag#Regeneron ( indicated that clinical trials of IL-6 have started in patients with severe CoVid19 in Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada, and Russia. Starting back in February, another five clinical trials have been initiated by Gilead Sciences. In the times of CoVid19, laboratory animals, scientists, and laboratory research professionals are helping to save lives!

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