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Tecniplast follows a comprehensive selection process to ensure that every potential employee meets the requirements and possess the qualifications and certifications for the roles assigned. Furthermore, the company is constantly invested in training initiatives for the company’s personnel, sales representatives, customers, architects and facility planners, and distributors and consultants.  

Tecniplast’s educational programs include conferences and seminars, conventional training, hands-on sessions, on-site presentations, one-on-one coaching, and a library of resources. The range of topics covers a wide product-related spectrum, including, but not limited to: facility planning, husbandry, product performance studies, tests and certifications, product training, and troubleshooting.

The Certification, from an independent and external auditor, guarantees that Tecniplast will:

Tecniplast Training Courses are delivered through many different forms: conventional front-trainings, one-to-one sessions, coaching, field experience, apprenticeship, conferences, seminars, and bulletins.