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The Tecniplast NHP Marmoset Family Housing system meets the requirements in the NIH Guide, and is built with welfare and flexibility in mind.


  • The Tecniplast Marmoset Family cage offers the greatest vertical height PLUS other features that facilitate and promote the animals’ natural arboreal behavior.

TRUE NEST BOX - Multipurpose 

  • The Tecniplast Marmoset cage features a nest box located at the top of the cage that is made of plastic, and serve multiple purposes: Provide protected shelter for the animals, promote their natural climbing behavior, and facilitate their capture and transport. 

SCALABILITY meets the needs individual and group housing. 


  • Design facilitates all common enrichment
  • All six sides made of mesh to maximize the animals’ natural climbing behavior.
  • Vertical height, mesh built, and the system ability toexpand, facilitate all common enrichment.
  • Nest box located at the top promotes the mothers’ naturalarboreal behavior.
  • Slot opening on the front of each cage allows for hangingenrichment and/or for the animals to access enrichment.

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