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IsoCage P - Bioexclusion System

Isolator at cage level: airtight cages with high positive pressure for ideal bioexclusion

  • Ideal for gnotobiotics, germ-free or immunocompromised animals
  • Strong bioexclusion for animal protection through cage level HEPA filter
  • Combines the protection of an Isolator with the ergonomics and density of an IVC cage for maximum animals safety
  • Flexibility: save space and costs with multiple studies on the same rack
  • ISO System – watch application 1
  • ISO System – watch application 2


  • IBS Germ-Free Biosafety Station: ISO P  integrated solution for germ-free, gnotobiotics and immunocompromised animals
  • ISO Mini P: a compact, mobile unit equipped with battery backup system to move animal groups across different areas, maintaining rack pressure-driven ventilation

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