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Webinar: How Flexible is your Marmoset Cage

This webinar aims researchers, veterinarians, and facility managers who manage and work with NHP on a regular basis. 

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Can a marmoset cage be adaptable enough to support both research protocols and breeding colony needs while improving animal welfare at the same time? 

Today’s animal facilities have limited space. Often, the goal is to be able to house as many animals as possible per square footage. Maintaining marmoset groups in close proximity while respecting the species-specific own social distancing requirements could be a challenge. In order to host different programs within your colony, it is important to have a cage that is convertible. We will demonstrate a cage that can go from housing pairs up to extended family groups of 16 monks or more.  Being able to support various research applications within the same cage, including those on the horizon that are not yet known, will make you a hero in your organization. 


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