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EMber IVC Heating System

The EMber provides a comfortable, warm environment to animals for many different application areas such as post surgical recovery, metabolism of drugs, body thermoregulation studies, drug therapy and metastasis and cancer investigations.

It can also be used to help weak cage inhabitants, such as pups or specific strains, to maintain homeostasis.

Heating automatically starts when the cage equipped with the Metal Plate is placed in the rack, thanks to the induction heating process generated by the Heating Module. Temperature can be set up to 40˚C and, once reached, it is continuously monitored and strictly controlled, keeping it constant.

EM500 standard IVC racks can be equipped with multiple EMbers, which are available for both standard cages and EM500 featuring the In-Richment.

 EMber is very easy to use thanks to the user friendly interface, which allows the desired experimental conditions to be intuitively set.

  • electronic temperature control
  • multiple application areas: post-surgical recovery, thermoregulation studies and many others
  • retrofittable on EM500 IVC racks

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