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AMOUSEMENT Enrichment Portfolio

As stated in most guidelines and directives for use of laboratory animals, environmental enrichments increase not only physical activity, but also the expression of natural behavior patterns.

  • GYM500:  the activity wheel specifically designed to promote mice voluntary activity in Individually Ventilated Cages
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  • MOUSE HOUSE: provides a complex three-dimensional environment, within standard laboratory caging
  • MOUSE MEZZANINE: simple to move between cages, as it fits the wire bar lid; fully autoclavable and washable; automation friendly
  • MOUSE POUCH LOFT: a Dual-Use Mouse loft designed for facilities with Automatic Watering System that choose water pouches for special applications. If turned 180 it works as a loft.
  • MOUSE LOFT AND MOUSE BALCONY: suspended environmental enrichments that creates a 3D environment but also a “safe haven” in the unlikely event of a flood

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