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TAPVEI is a leading manufacturer of high-quality aspen products for laboratory animals. The Company has 30 years’ experience in improving animal welfare and creating better, safer working environments. Products have been developed in co-operation with research laboratories and clients to create perfect environment.

Raw material

All our products are made from aspen (Populus tremula) which is a renewable, natural raw material. As a natural hardwood, aspen is preferred to softwood materials such as spruce and pine for its lower pinene content. The raw material is taken from pure Nordic nature, far away from heavy pollution and where levels of herbicides, heavy metals and other harmful substances are very low.

Manufacturing process

Our production process, the best raw material and continuous quality control guarantee pure, safe and natural products. Quality is ensured by using the patented manufacturing techniques and applying the ISO 9001:2008 standard. No pesticides or other chemicals are used during growth or processing of the trees.

Complete solution

Aspen bedding, nesting material and environmental enrichments provide a complete solution for animal welfare. All products have been manufactured from the same safe and natural raw material, so that any external influences affecting animal welfare (and thus test results) are reduced to minimum.

Product analysis

Finished products are analyzed in independent laboratories. Microbiological, chemical analysis and environmental contaminants (PCBs, PAHs) is carried out 4 times a year. The test results of all TAPVEI products are below GV-Solas critical values for feed.


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