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The Tecniplast Australia Everyday Hero Scholarship is designed to recognise individuals who have shown consistent dedication to improving both animal and personnel welfare through championing best practice procedures and inspiring loyalty, trust and teamwork. This Scholarship is about rewarding the unassuming Everyday Heroes within the Australian and New Zealand laboratory animal industry who display dedication, fairness, respect and innovation in their workplace and the LAS community.


Nomination Eligibility:

  • The Nominee must be a current employee (or contractor) within a recognised Australian or New Zealand animal laboratory facility or institution
  • The Nominee cannot be self-nominated.
  • As the Nominator, you must submit examples of The Nominee’s contributions to the workplace and/or to the LAS community, outlining how The Nominee’s contributions have improved laboratory animal care and/or personnel welfare.
  • You must highlight how The Nominee’s actions and contributions have inspired you, their colleagues and/or the LAS community and how these contributions have increased teamwork.
  • You must summarise the expected benefits to The Nominee and the workplace from receiving the Scholarship.
  • You must submit your nomination on the Tecniplast Australia Everyday Hero Scholarship. Nomination Form provided by the closing date, 15th April 2022.


A maximum of AUD $10,000 is available for two successful Scholarship Nominations to attend FELASA 2022 and Tecniplast HQ, Italy:

  • 2 x Tecniplast Everyday Hero Scholarship Awards to attend FELASA 2022 Congress in Marseille, France from 13th to 16th June 2022. Includes a guided tour of Tecniplast HQ in Varese, Italy.

For the two successful Nominations of the Tecniplast Everyday Hero Scholarship Award, Tecniplast Australia will pay for all out-of-pocket expenses associated with travel and attendance to FELASA 2022 Congress in Marseille, France, such as:

  • Full Delegate Registration for FELASA 2022 Congress.
  • Attendance to FELASA 2022 Gala Dinner.
  • Economy return flights to Marseille, France (from Australia or New Zealand).
  • 4 nights accommodation in Marseille, meals and transfers.
  • Tour of Tecniplast Headquarters in Varese Italy includes transfers, meals and 2 nights accommodation.


Scholarship Nomination Forms are to be submitted to Tecniplast Australia. As the Nomination Forms are received, Tecniplast Australia will review the Nomination Form and forward the Nomination Forms (blinded) to an independent panel of experts from within the laboratory animal community, appointed by Tecniplast Australia.

The panel will review each Nomination Form on it’s merit’s against the below criteria:

  • Examples of The Nominee’s actions and contributions towards improving ethical, humane and responsible use of laboratory animals
  • Examples of how The Nominee has inspired teamwork, trust and improved workplace outcomes
  • Examples of The Nominee’s dedication, fairness, respect and innovation in their workplace and/or the LAS community
  • Summarise the expected benefits to The Nominee and to the workplace from receiving the Scholarship


Closing date: 15th April 2022.
The panel will give their recommendations as to which candidates should receive scholarships.
Tecniplast Australia, in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to make the final selections.
Successful scholarship recipients will be notified in writing by 25th April 2022.