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Per Diem Billing and Cost-effective Operations

Accurate record-keeping is required by the IACUC, USDA, and AALAC, and cost accounting is critical for the efficient and cost-effective operation of an animal research facility and the recovery of costs through fees for services. 

Hand-counting is not only the most labor-intense task but is highly susceptible to human error. Mistakes like this could impact budget projections, per-diem calculations, allocation of resources, and workflow.

The digital ventilated caging system (DVC®) provides accurate cage census, cage tracking & reporting, and real-time rack occupancy without the cost of manual counting. You can track cages assigned to studies or specific protocols, improve the operations workflow, cost control, billing, invoicing, and reporting.

Discover how the DVC® technology supports your operations

  • The DVC® can track cages (RFID tag) and detects rack occupancy eliminating the need for manual counting or scanning.
  • The system detects cages available on the rack so you can assign space for studies and protocols. 
  • Managers can obtain a complete report showing real-time census, cage tracking, tasks performed on every cage, and rack occupancy at any given time.
  • DVC® integrates with most AMS, adhering to the facility’s cybersecurity protocol. It provides real-time census for accurate billing, invoicing, and reporting.

DVC® Installed base: More than 25,000 digital cages at more than 50 customers worldwide. For more references directly from DVC® customers, visit 2019 Digital Vivarium Forum


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