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Keep Operational Costs Down

Some lab animal facilities are moving from "scheduled" cage change to processing cages "as needed" as a way to improve the flow of operations, reduce stress in the animals, and keep labor and material costs down.

Studies conducted at facilities in the USA shoed savings of up to 8,000 hrs/yr in labor and up to 50% reduction in the cost of bedding materials.

The digital ventilated caging system (DVC®) detects dirty cages within the rack, suggests changes "as needed" and assists with scheduling cage processing. By reducing the frequency of cage processing, you could save in labor and materials, and improve the flow of your operations.

Discover how this technology supports your operations

  • Non-invasive technology detects bedding conditions inside the cage, based on the facility’s defined standards for a “dirty cage.”
  • Through a user-friendly interface, the DVC® singles out the dirty cages and recommends a change.
  • The system’s dedicated task planner helps managers to prioritize workflow, allocate resources, and assign specific tasks to personnel.

Referenced studies and articles


DVC® Installed base: More than 25,000 digital cages at more than 50 customers worldwide. For more references directly from DVC® customers, visit 2019 Digital Vivarium Forum

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