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DVC® LITE - Smart Housing

DVC® Lite is designed to improve cage management and the workflow of operations in the vivarium. DVC® Lite is lighter, yet powerful version, of the DVC® system that offers selected modules from the full version of the DVC® system. 

DVC® Lite is available for all Tecniplast customers who currently having 2GM racks and cannot physically retrofit the full DVC® system into Tecniplast previous versions of GM racks.

Find research publications, videos, and more by visiting the new Digilab dedicated website.

Main benefits:

  • REAL-TIME cage tracking: DVC® Lite tracks cages automatically; it captures and record this data in real-time so you have all the information you need for billing and invoicing, when you need it, and is just one click away!
  • STREAMLINE your workflow based on unbiased data: DVC® Lite system suggests cage change based on data captured directly from the cage. The system conducts a statistical evaluation based on the number of animals in every cage. The standardization in the evaluation of intra-cage condition streamline your operations. Less frequency of cage change reduces the stress in the animals, promotes ergonomics, optimize the use of resources, and reduces costs of bedding materials, utilities consumption, and autoclave cycles.
  • 24/7 Prevent animal loss due to unexpected water floods from AWS.
  • Third Party Integration: Tecniplast DVC® system integrates with already existing AMS (Animal Management Systems) running in your Vivarium. Data transfer adheres to the facility’s cyber security protocol to ensure the facility’s data remains secure, protected, and confidential. Read more



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