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A DVC® board, specifically designed for ISO cages, can be easily retrofitted to existing ISOCAGE systems (Positive or Negative) to provide multiple benefits to the research team and their studies.

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Main benefits:

  • Bedding condition evaluation. The DVC® System monitors the bedding condition to determine the time for a cage change can help reduce running costs and minimize the stress in the animals by avoiding unnecessary handlings.
  • 24/7 animal activity detection for continuous and additional animal welfare check. 
  • 24/7 Prevent any loss due to unexpected water floods.
  • Streamline and balance facility workload. DVC® allows to customize the system for the vivarium's SOPs and workload to maximize efficiency.
  • Real time cage tracking system. DVC® features an automatic cage tracking system that collectsdata in real-time. All the information you need for billing purposes are just one click away!
  • Evaluation of animal activity at a distance. The DVC® Analytics is an application in the DVC® system that evaluates the animal activity so you don't have to do a physical checks every time.
  • Support of research through data. Used in conjunction with the DVC® Analytics complement your studies with novel insights coming from a 24/7 data collection approach.

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