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ATLANTIS Cage and Rack Washer

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A new benchmark in operational efficiency.

  • The most innovative, efficient, and flexible cage and rack washer in the market.
  • Flexible, modular, energy-efficient.
  • Available in three configurations based on capacity, configuration, options, and application: EASY, EVO, and XL. Contact us for details.

More Characteristics (vary with configuration)

  • High throughput: Up to 1000 mice cages/hour
  • Building friendly: Allows wall-to-wall installation in narrow spaces with just a 100 mm shallower sump.
  • Unique vapor exhaust heat recovery system. No need for HVAC even during H2O2 decontamination cycles
  • Turn-key decon package with built-in H2O2 generator.
  • Innovative HMI for easy programming and control
  • On-site and remote technical support available, including tele-service and data management.                              

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