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Aggression in Mice

Aggression in group-housed laboratory male mice is a serious animal welfare concern. Studies have shown that scent marks in the environment can affect the outcome of social interactions between mice.

Regardless of the type of environmental enrichment, complete unnecessary removal of pheromones in scent marked areas due to frequency in cage washing creates a disturbance in male dominance, contributing to higher levels of aggression. 

The digital ventilated caging system (DVC®) detects dirty cages and suggests a change “as needed.” Reducing the frequency in cage change decreases the stressors that trigger aggressive behavior, improves animal welfare, has a positive effect on breeding and research outcomes.

Discover the DVC® technology supports your research

  • An exterior sensor plate detects animal activity 24/7 and measures bedding conditions inside the cage based on the facility’s pre-defined standards. The system identifies the dirty cages and recommends changes “as needed.”
  • A dedicated task planner helps managers to prioritize the workflow, allocate resources, and assign specific tasks to personnel. 
  • The Night Animal Welfare application prioritizes notifications of cages in need of attention so the staff can take care of those first thing in the morning.

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DVC® Installed base: More than 25,000 digital cages at more than 50 customers worldwide. For more references directly from DVC® customers, visit 2019 Digital Vivarium Forum


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