ZebTEC Sentinel Rack

The Sentinel Rack options for the Aquatic solutions range provides a dedicated monitoring point for potential pathogens in the water. the focal point gives clear and easy access to sentinel fish for any testing required.


Benefits include;

  • Optional rack with 10 tanks of 3.5 ltr or 5 tanks of 8 ltr
  • Smaller version with 2 tanks of 3.5 ltr available
  • Racks feature a dedicated yellow colour highlighting their specific use
  • 316L epoxy powder coated stainless steel
  • Provides a separate housing area for fish to be screened as a preventative routine evaluation for specific pathogens
  • Sentinel fish are exposed to mechanically filtered water before being UV disinfected, therefore providing an accurate representation of what maybe in the system
  • Available for stand-alone and multi linking systems